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higher in the world than themselv▓es their sole ambition.To set up an establi●shment in the neighbouring town●, combining linen-draper, dressmaker, a●nd milliner, had been their da●y-dream from the time they had con▓ned their school lessons and t

aken long walks t▓ogether, instead of joining their playm


ates on▓ the green; and to fulfil this earnest wi●sh, their parents, by many sacrifices, which●, measured by their love, seemed absolu●tely nothing, gathered together suff▓icient to send them to London▓, and apprentice them there.Harry was then nine▓tee

n and Fanny two years younger.Hope was br▓ight for both.T


heir only draw●back seemed the impossibility of me▓eting more than once a week; and● six days of entire separation was a w▓eary interval to those accustomed to exchange ▓affection’s kindly words and looks ea▓ch day.Only too soon, howev

er, did t▓he oppressive reality of the ●present absorb t

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he rosy hues of the● future.On the daily routine ▓of unmitigated work, the exhaustin▓g labour, the deadened energie▓s, the absorption of every facult▓y in the depressing weariness, we nee●d not touch.

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It was no distaste for ▓work, for both had set to their● respective duties with hearts burning to● conquer every difficulty—to do even more ▓than was required of them, the soo●ner to gain the longed-f

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or goal; and had ●it not been for the fearful burde●n of over-work, the absence of suffic●ient rest, of all wholesome re●creation, how brightly and nobly mi●ght these young loving beings have walked th